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Japan 38MW PV project—Mountainous and Snow Region


Powerway successfully won the contract for a large solar project in Japan with total 38MW installed capacity . The project is located in the mountainous areas with various slopes up to 18.5°, facing the 32m/s wind speed and 33cm snow load. 

Solar Fixed Tilt

kumamoto Japan 140MW

From the early stage, Powerway actively supported the clients to conduct the pullout test and finalized the ramming pile as foundation through multiple discussion. Furthermore, the pile depths are chosen differently to adapt different soil features in different zones. While the upper structure adopts MacPower system (Mg-Al-Zn material) to enhance its anti-corrosion performance.

solar mounting structure

 In addition, owning to the very limited space on site, Powerway technical team tailored-made the design for different zones to sufficiently utilize the site space and eventually decided to use the doom shaped design with multiple layout to adapt the terrain, not only fully utilizing the land space but also ensuring the satisfied electricity yielding. 

Powerway provides high-quality fixed-tilt mounting structures for Japanese PV power plants for 11 years. At the same time, Powerway also develops products suitable for the environment of the Japanese market. In the future, Powerway will continue to cultivate the Japanese market through fully exploiting the advantages of project experience, increasing the  investment in R&D of product, and sparing  efforts to broaden the market.